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Take Five is a collection of some of the best websites and blog posts  I’ve seen in the past month – perfect for taking five minutes out with a cup of coffee, and maybe a cheeky biscuit.


Like most food-lovers, I can’t sit down at the internet without looking at food. I love American-style recipes that are full of browned butter and sugar and I just can’t not look at doughnuts. But I quite often don’t know what these recipes are on about. I’m English, guys, I don’t know what a stick of butter is. We don’t buy butter in sticks. When I’m out shopping, the packets aren’t labeled with how many cups of flaked almonds they hold. I love digging into a bag of flour with a cup measure but it isn’t always convenient to measure ingredients by volume. With this and other related kitchen problems – who here knows what temperature 1/4 gas mark is? – in mind, I’ve created a series of conversion & seasonal eating charts, which you can find here. You need never guess again.

But enough about this place. Here are some of the greatest things the internet has to offer this month.


This post by Kate at Gh0stparties, about people being mean on the internet, touches on an important point – that people are going to be mean no-matter what you do, but you’ve got to remember the people that are rooting for you. And on the flip side, this post from Mr London Street about being honest and kind also seemed really familiar. I quite often want to compliment strangers, but that’d be weird, right? I live in a city where people get 5 inches away from each others’ faces on a regular basis and still acknowledge each other. It’d be weird. But also kind of lovely, I think.

“How to name photos for Pinterest” from Bake Your Day is a super useful tutorial for, er, naming your photos for Pinterest. Makes pinning much easier!

I’ve been inspired by this Things That Are Awesome poster. As much as I’d love to own that one, it’s pretty fun making one of my own, even if the fact that I’ve not drawn in for about 6 years makes it a little nerve-wracking. Coming to a blog near you soon!

Spotify changed their terms of service again, meaning, for free users, lots of ads but unlimited plays. Which means I’ve been listening to Jeremy Larson’s ‘Salvation Club’ on repeat for weeks. Cheers Spotify! Name seem familiar? Jeremy is the husband of Elsie, the creative genius behind A Beautiful Mess!

Although I didn’t buy it, I had a flip through Blogging for Creatives last week and it’s got everything in it that I wish I’d known 6 months ago, as well as quite a lot I need to learn. The book starts with you at the beginning of your blogging journey, going from choosing a platform to working with PRs. Definitely worth a look!


Flavour First is an initiative that aims to ignore all the pretension and hype, and get to the core of really great food. There are lots of interesting articles, including the “Behind the Scenes” series which sees writers going backstage in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants.

Averie Cooks brings you not only a recipe for salted caramel pretzel blondies, but also a pretty extensive collection of blondie & brownie recipes.

This song comedian Vikki Stone performed at 2013’s “Who’s cooking dinner?” is hilarious.

Butternut, peas, and feta, in a quiche? Yep, I can get behind that.

When I was doing research for the seasonal food graphic, I came across this “Love Beetroot” website, which has a lot of interesting recipes. I don’t think I even like beetroot, but I do like sneaking vegetables into food among cheese and bacon.

Posts from the past month

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Image: my parents’ vegetable patch.

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