Take Five – October

I’ve always loved autumn, but October in the blogsphere is something else, with recipes and crafts alike geared far more towards getting cozy. Warming food and pumpkin everything are where it’s at. I could get used to this.

In other news, last week was the Cosmo Blog Awards! ‘Twas an excellent night of hanging out with Em and Sophie (we looked dead classy, as above) and sampling goodies.  Best newcomer award went to the very deserving Laura – check out her blog and the winners from other categories here. Thank you everyone for your support and votes! 


It’s been doing the rounds for more than a week, but Tim Minchin’s occasional address at the University of Western Australia contains far more inspirational advice than, er, the rest of the internet. 

I loved this piece about telling yourself you’re beautiful.

Sandra Dieckmann’s illustrations make me miss drawing. 

This experiment to promote the remake of Carrie is absolute genius.

Holiday complaints from Thomas Cook customers are hilarious. 


All-round talented lady Ella has launched her own food/mental health blog, called Eating with My Fingers. Sounds like an odd concept, but she totally pulls it off, with beautiful, beautiful writing.

This post on shopping at Whole Foods is excellent – I went once, to the Camden branch, and it was just…horrific. A whole shop of cardboard food.  

It’s impossible to overstate how excited I was at being reminded that it’s butternut squash lasagne season shortly before a rare chore-free weekend at home. I’m still trying to recreate the squash and goats cheese lasagne I had at the Belgian Monk in Norfolk that was so good it made me a bit teary. 

Joy did it again. Baking 101 is awesome. 

Salted caramel apple dumplings. Say no more.


Reading: Gone Girl. I know, I know, I’m totally late to the party, but it’s 99p on Kindle at the moment and I’m hooked. I only hope it’ll last me long enough to keep me occupied during the 9 hours I’ll be spending on trains this weekend. 

Listening: I have been pumping my ears full of music from Sheffield band Polkadodge, having been hooked by this song. You can check out samples of their new tracks here – spoiler, they’re incredible. 

Watching: Adventure Time! I’ll be honest, I still don’t totally get it – but I’m only a few episodes in. I’m hoping it won’t be like Breaking Bad – I watched two and a half seasons of that before giving up because, damn it, I just did not care. 

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  1. Iris says:

    I always love a good musci recommendation, and there’s no doubt you just got me hooked on Polkadodge too. Also, second great tip you give me in one week – I’m so incredibly grateful!

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